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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 12, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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houston -- as new details ee surrounding her death. where was found, and a theory abot what happened. whitney struggling to sing and new video of houston's t performance on stage. the impromptu duet at a pre- grammys party. what does it mean to be a "k in tech?" the new program in silicon valley to encoure new details around whitney houston's death. where she was found and what happened. >> and the new video of houston's last performance on stage. an impromptu duet at the pre- grammy party. >> and what does it mean to be chick in tech? supporting women in technology. >> i'm dana king. >> that i'm ken bastida. the sudden death of whitney houston cast shadow over the grammy awards but the show must go on as
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they say. >> tonight was part remember that part celebration in what they houston's death. jennifer hudson paying attribute at times needing to buy back tears as she sang the song will forever be tied to whitney houston, i will always love you. >> the grammys proved they will always love whitney houston. >> jennifer hudson took the stage to remember the six-time grammy winner. the 48 -year-old music legend was found in the bathtub of her beverly hills hotel room on saturday. host ll cool jay kicked off the show with prayer. >> avonlea father, thank you for sharing our sister whitney with us. >> the shocking death of one of the world's greatest voices couldn't help but impact the
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mood on music's biggest night. >> two have something help them like that is tragic. that's the only word i could use this tragedy. that's just wrong. >> her soaring vocals made her queen of pop charts until drugs i want her career. the coroner's office is determining the cause of death could take weeks but foul play is suspected. >> i know there's reports that she maybe drowned or opera does that, we can't make up final determination until all the tests are in. >> used instead of taking the toll on her family. her only child, bobbi kristina was rest to the hospital. she was treated for stress and anxiety before being released. >> jennifer hudson's tribute tonight was an especially emotional one for her. it was just couple of years ago when whitney houston herself
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presented hudson with her grammy award. >> it really is the shame. of the stars that showed up tonight, you can see there in motion in their performances and the way they were talking on the red carpet. i wonder about the fans in this area. did you have the chance to get anything from them? >> just hours after it was announced that she was found dead in her hotel room, i crowd of about dozen or so whitney houston fans held candles and sang some of her greatest hits. they were not the greatest singers of the world but they admitted that was the best they could do to pay homage. >> thank you very much. there is no official cause of death yet, and investigators are looking into the possibility that she may have drowned in the bathtub. as we mentioned, her face was reportedly underwater when her
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hairdresser found her. tmc is reporting that her body was cold when the staff pulled her out of the tub. sources also say they were prescription sleeping pills in the bathroom. >> an insider in the bay area says that this is shocking but not surprising. >> we have watched her be chronicled on the front pages of supermarket tabloids for years now. shocking images of someone who is obviously in the grip of the terrible drug addiction. >> to whitney's early hits, kits, how will i know and i want to dance with somebody were produced and recorded in san rafael. and oh look at houston's very last performance on stage.
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houston did an impromptu duet with kelly price thursday night out of pre- grammy party out of hollywood hotel. houston jumped onstage and that he was saying jesus loves me. >> later that night after houston left party, the final photos of her works out. she left the true hollywood nightclub looking slutty, disoriented and upset as her entourage helped her out. in one photograph it looks like blood was dripping down her leg and there were scratch marks on her wrist. she signed some autographs before hopping into any car. according to recent reports, houston squandered her porch and then was on the brink of
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bankruptcy. coming up later, i complete wrapup of the grammy awards including how whitney houston was remembered. we will also have the behind- the-scenes look at the telecast and what you didn't see on tv plus an interview with the surgeon who operated on singer adele's local courts and saved her career. that's on the special edition of eyewitness news. >> and it looks like an archaeological dig at death row inmate has called in april in yard. for the fourth day in the row, sheriff's deputy were near the san joaquin county of london have found human remains. >> unlike bone and the woman's shoe, and other bones of different sizes, teeth and skull fragments. more gruesome discoveries by burn six digging out of cattle ranch near london. they are all likely victims of the wind and leslie sherman time called the speed freak killers. stockton record reporter scott smith describes the dig site. >> they are going through on their hands and knees and
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combing through bitter with their fingers and removing the large bones and shoes and other items. >> it's gruesome, if the horrible thing. >> death row inmate sherman time to mess up what he called phone sites after local bounty hunter agreed to pay him $30,000 for the information. he was on parole but killed himself last month after he heard sherman time was disclosing the great sites. it's not clear if the graves belong to one or more people. dental records identified remains on thursday as those of 25 -year-old cindy vander heated up clinton's california. she disappeared in 1998. remains found on friday could be that of stockton 16 -year-old chevelle wheeler who disappeared in 1985. he expect to search for remains for several more days. >> one person is confirmed dead
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after car overturned and plunged into the highway below and concorde. the car flipped several times on highway four, flew over the overpass and landed on the local south bend to 42. this happened just before 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the driver was thrown out and had to be pulled out from underneath the car. police closed )-close-paren of the highly for more than two hours causing huge traffic jam. unclear what caused the crash, crash. and i struggle with the suspect cause to suspect to end up getting shot. still unclear exactly what happened but the sheriffs office as they struggle started after authorities tried to serve some type of warrant in the way home today. at some point around went off hitting the suspect in the upper body. he drove away but was later apprehended. >> after september 11th there was increased discrimination
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and hate crimes against muslims and arab-americans. also caught up in the frenzy, another religious group whose culture also became the target. and quibec was at the meeting today where the government discussed hate crimes. >> is the culture that many don't know much about. >> but wearing the traditional head covering can lead to misunderstandings and discrimination. spent a lot of kids ask if i'm the terrorist war, what's your religion and your culture like? >> everything from racial taunts to appetites. >> the hot topic with the visit from us attorney melinda hagy. >> i could see why they would be targeted specifically and it's important for the department to
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talk about that. >> to harassment and discrimination got worse after 9/11 when many people confuse them with muslims, two very different groups. sikhism started in northern india, of peaceful religion identifying all humans as individuals regardless of belief. >> they are also facing the same challenges. >> page is believed to be the cause of the double murder near sacramento. two sikh men were gunned down while on the walk. other crimes against sikh are less violent but more rampant. this man had his identity stolen, which is the kind made easier because his last name is common among sikhs. but the main challenge is ignorance. >> i hope that as time moves on we can perhaps break those barriers. >> for years, women working in
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silicon valley tech industry were an eye toward an invisible minority. but that is changing. tonight on the panel discussion and improv theater event the woman of high tech took the lighthearted look at what it means now to be eight chick intech. >> paper tray of situations they call sexy animal loss. the silicon valley put on this program mostly to encourage and support women in technology. they subtitle it, what it means to be eight chick in tech. >> i think women need to note that you can bring value to technology project without being the engineer. >> women tend to be more open and social and thinking about things and bring the cumulative then. >> in his improv players to an
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improvisational dance. and they switch roles in the mac to discover where. >> so is taxed on ex- dictator depends on whether you think is placing $3 million bids. >> what would that sound be? >> and not you, don knapp, cbs five. >> coming up, 100,000 people take to the streets. they set buildings on fire and threw rocks. by the people of greece are so angry. and it hasn't been seen in the bay area in years. the special visit of the aids
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memorial quilt on his 20 fifth anniversary. why is the underpinnings of it as i was in. and have you heard the raindrops on the rooftop? where it is raining now and the effect on your morning commute as eyewitness news continues on the cw. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding.
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thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. parliament approved harsh government cuts -- in an eft to prevent bankruptcy. inez mass riot in the streets of athens today as greece parliament approved harsh government cuts in an effort to prevent bankruptcy. it could affect the euro and the worldwide economy. >> was chaos on the streets of
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athens, at least 10 buildings went up in flames amid mass protests sunday. tens of thousands of people packed the streets outside of the greek parliament building, waiting for clouds of tear gas. police fired tear gas at protesters. several people have been injured. police form of perimeter to keep the crowd from rushing the building. inside lawmakers debated popular austerity measures necessary for her bail out from the union and monetary fund. in addition to greek government would have to cut minimum wage and eliminate thousands of civil service jobs. the prime minister acknowledged that painful sacrifices that warned people what they lack the country basis of social explosion. greece has been using the chronic recession and underemployment.
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>> we also have to bring measures and which means more development and measures with full answer the problem of recession today. >> on monitor describes the situation as the choice between bad and worse. >> hundreds of people in europe are dead, victims of the worst february colds, cold spell in decades. it was so cold that some waterfalls froze before they hit the ground. souvenir sellers are struggling to stay warm. emergency officials warned temperatures could get down to negative 17 degrees this week. >> that is crazy. >> yes, in dallas texas, they are so excited because they have snow tonight. that was from our little weak system that went through on friday. we have lain in the bay area which is the fast-moving cold front.
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you could see where it's raining perhaps in your neighborhood. cap bands of showers that stretched right around the little park area and the moderate south pushing through, but that of the break and then plenty of rain showers, roughly through the 586 corridor and tri- valley. getting of that outbreak around the peninsula but heavier activity to the south of san jose. you see the areas of yellow and that signifies the moderate or heavy downpour. this is all associated with that right there. notice as this traverse is in an easterly direction, it translates into the snow in the high sierra. we have. active weather pattern which you see in the seven day forecast, the first half we have the winter weather advisory now in effect with the highest year with 6 inches of snow at the lake level of output above 7000 feet.
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our rainfall is not measuring up to much at all, more revenue since making the roadways when and if it continues throughout the morning commute, you will be affected adversely by the windy conditions. those things out of the west, 20 or 30 miles per hour overnight and then couple that with the temperatures tonight, 30's and 40s for overnight lows and you could see at that of the testing of the hamilton area. but very raw and below average. we should be at 59 in san francisco but instead 5 4 degrees. the forecast calls tuesday for partly or mostly cloudy skies for valentine's day and wednesday and thursday partly cloudy. by friday night at the chance of rain moving back into the forecast. daily chances of rain saturday and sunday. and i think this is projects level weather for valentine's
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day. >> don't expect any chocolates this year. >> okay, flowers then. >> oh come on, you will get something. some shaking going on in the north bay tonight. an earthquake hit just east of the geyser area in sonoma county. it was the night and 24.4 just before 9:00. many people reported feeling it, but no reports of any damages or injuries. he calls that i was in that it's the good thing. the message that the founder of the aids memorial cult is trying to get across as it visits the bay area for is the fifth anniversary. it's 20 fifth anniversary. ♪
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moviegoers were in a romantc mood on this weekend before valentine's day. the mood on this weekend before valentine's day. the romantic drama, "the vow" -- number one at the box offic, ahead of two new action mov. the chick flick took in almt moviegoers were in the romantic boot. the vowel was number one at the box office ahead of two new action flicks. the chick flick took in almost $42 million and save costs with
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denzel washington was in second place. journey to the mysterious island was number three, the three d. version of star wars episode one and chronicle rounded out the top-five. >> is both attribute and symbol of the devastating toll that aids has taken on the gay community. it began right here in san francisco. linda yee shows us the aids bolt on display to mark its 20 fifth anniversary. >> one by one the names were read out loud. 10,000 names stitched into the quote, each person lost the aids epidemic that devastated the san francisco aids epidemic in the 1960's. >> well, it was devastating for those of us that were living here at the time, it was like
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an avalanche. we had never heard of this thing and suddenly everyone was dying. >> jones created the aids memorial quote 25 years ago. >> i started it in my backyard and i thought of it as i weapon against ignorance and that's why it was designed to be displayed on the mall in washington dc. >> solid sections are in other places around the castro. in many places it was welcome. >> is the matter of bringing back memories. >> the shows messages for other generation who may have never seen the quilt and the remainder that aids is still here and still killing.
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>> that means sometimes taking on the pharmaceutical companies and the social stigma that still exist but treatment equals prevention and that's how we can actually ended. >> admission is free but donations will be given to local aids nonprofit groups. if you want less, you can always have less, but i like having a lot more a lot more than having a lot less. and the more more i have, the more i like having more. and that's exactly what i get at embassy suites. more post-meeting celebrations, more complimentary drinks, more for my money... mmm, more bar snacks... ♪ more olives. definitely. i want so much more it's more more than a mortal man can handle. now, that's more like it. [ female announcer ] complimentary drinks. free breakfast. more room. embassy suites. get more.
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he was five under par with six holes today and alone in first place. woods said he never felt comfortable today and he finds the bottom of the cup for birdie, potentially huge boost but the weather could change. nicholson's par putt at 12 from 3 feet, he shoots the final round, 64, 11 shots better than tiger. he winds at pebble beach for the fourth time, two shots better. hosting the red-hot rock is not our problem. dante has 33 points and the state was 3697. the end hockey the sharks dropped the opener of their nine-game road trip. they shut shut out san jose and they have to forget about that quick because they have the
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capitals tomorrow night. >> that's right. when tiger misses them like that, i don't feel bad. >> is painful. >> we will see you back for the special edition of eyewitness news at 11.
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